Effect of food processing method on heavy metals content

Keywords: heavy metals, vegetable crops, food processing, atomic absorption spectrometry, health risk index


The problem of high content of heavy metals in food has spread broadly over the world. The presented study suggests the minimization of heavy metal content in processed food due to different applied techniques such as the frying, boiling, steaming and sous-vide. Three main food products were chosen for investigation – Daucus carota subsp. Sativus (carrot), Solanum tuberosum (potato) and Allium cepa (onion). The concentration of heavy metals (Zn, Pb, Mn, Cd, Cu) was determined in samples investigated by atomic-absorption spectrometer. The health risk index (HRI) was calculated based on obtained data. In all investigated samples, high concentration of lead was identified among the heavy metals. The highest concentration of zinc, lead and manganese was determined in boiled Daucus carota subsp. Sativus, cadmium – in sous - vide Daucus carota subsp. Sativus, copper – in steamed Daucus carota subsp. Sativus. HRI values of cadmium for Solanum tuberosum samples were ranged from 6.8 to 7.1 and for lead are ranged between 3.4 and 4.9.



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