Peer Review Process

1) Manuscript submitted by the author is checked by the Editor Assistant.
2) After checking, manuscript is checked by the Editor-in-Chief who forwards it to the selected Section Editor or makes a decision about rejection.
3) Section Editor sends the manuscript to the selected reviewers. After receiving reviewers’ comments and recommendations, Section Editor and Editor-in-Chief make a decision about acceptance, rejection or necessity of a revision of the manuscript.
4) After receiving a corrected manuscript and response to reviewers’ comments, Section Editor accepts it or sends for another peer-review. Peer-review is conducted until all arguable questions are resolved and Editors are able to make a Final decision.

Type of review - single blind.

 Every reviewer evaluates the manuscript on the following 6 criteria:

1) the importance of the work;
2) reliability and reproducibility of scientific results;
3) overall quality of manuscript and quality of each section;
4) scientific novelty;
5) compliance with international ethical standards;
6) compliance with technical requirements for manuscripts.

After reviewing, one of the following recommendation is given to the Editor:

  • accept;
  • minor revision;
  • major revision;
  • reject and resubmit;
  • reject.