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Chemical Bulletin of Kazakh National University (ISSN 1563-0331, eISSN 2312-7554) is the open-access international journal publishing high-quality original scientific articles since 1992. The Bulletin covers all areas of chemistry including the multidisciplinary chemistry.

Advantages of publication in our Journal:

  • free publication of articles written in English (till December, 2016)
  • indexing in many databases (CAS, DOAJ, CrossRef) simplifies finding your article
  • free access to full text of your article (higher number of readers = more citations and higher h-index)
  • peer-review of the article by qualified experts improves it's overall quality and increases the probability of application of your results by other scientists
  • quick publication rates - article appears online with DOI one week after acceptance, final publication with numbers of issue and pages in 2 weeks (average)
  • continuous and active work of the Editorial team on the increase of the quality and the ranking of the Journal

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No 2 (2016): In Progress

Table of Contents

Analytical Chemistry

Dina Sailaubekkyzy Orazbayeva, Ulzhalgas Abdikalikyzy Karatayeva, Bulat Kenessov, Kulzhan Adambayevna Beisembayeva, Kulyash Sadykovna Meyramkulova

Colloid and Nano Chemistry

Akbota Adilbekova, Kainzhamal Omarova, Madina Karaitova

Inorganic Chemistry

Sof'ya Maksimovna Romanova, Gulsara Zhakashovna Akanova, Oksana Ivanovna Ponomarenko