Synthesis of bioethanol and products derived from it

Keywords: bioethanol, sources of raw materials, olefins, ethylene, aromatic hydrocarbons


The paper represents an overview of methods for synthesis of ethanol, its properties, the information about its processing to produce valuable products for petrochemical and organic synthesis. The data on volumes of production and raw material base of bio ethanol production in different countries and its use as a bio fuel is shown. Catalytic conversion of ethanol allows to synthesize a number of valuable products such as fuels, olefins (mainly ethylene), aromatic hydrocarbons and gasoline range hydrocarbons. The directions and mechanism of the reactions of conversion of ethanol to ethylene, aromatic hydrocarbons and bivinyl, and the application of catalysts are examined. Much attention is paid to data on the development of a technology for catalytic conversion of bio ethanol to produce important products for the petrochemical industry. The problems of the development and production of alternative renewable raw materials - bio ethanol due to the depletion of oil reserves are discussed. Compared to an oil processing fuel, fuel produced from bio ethanol is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. The process is promising for Kazakhstan rich by plants, which can be used as raw materials for production of bio ethanol. The authors conduct the research on the production of olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons from bio ethanol using catalytic systems including cerium-containing catalysts and carriers based on zeolites (CaA, KA, NaA, NaX).

Author Biographies

Kusman Dossumov, al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Center of Physical Chemical Methods of Research and Analysis, Almaty
Dina Churina, al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Center of Physical Chemical Methods of Research and Analysis, Almaty


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Dossumov, K., Yergaziyeva, G., Churina, D., Tayrabekova, S., Telbayeva, M., & Kalikhanov, K. (2015). Synthesis of bioethanol and products derived from it. Chemical Bulletin of Kazakh National University, 78(2), 68-76.