Cover Letter

Cover letter is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the work of editors and reviewers.

The cover letter must be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief Bulat Kenessov and contain the following information:

  • 2-4 key results clearly proven during the reported study
  • brief (2-4 sentences) description of the novelty of the reported study
  • confirmation that the submitted publication is not under consideration in other journals and no ethical violations were made during the reported study
  • list of 2-3 potential reviewers with their e-mails (if available)

Examples of proven results:

  • the highest effectiveness of scandium extraction from water solutions is achieved by binary extractant consisting of trialkylamine and di-2-ethylhexylphosphoric acid;
  • acetone concentration 30 g/L provides the highest yield of 1,1-dimethylhydrazine derivatization;
  • yearly annual concentration of benzo(a)pyrene in Almaty is 15 ng/m3;
  • rice husk treated at 600 oC during 2 h provides the highest effectiveness for the removal of aromatic hydrocarbons from the air

Reviewers evaluate if every result has been proven in the article.