Synthesis and X-ray analysis of complex ferrite YbBiNaFe2O6,5

  • Muhkametkali Mataev Kazakh State Women's Teacher Training University, Almaty
  • Moldir Abdraimova Kazakh State Women's Teacher Training University, Almaty
  • A. Atabay Kazakh State Women's Teacher Training University, Almaty
Keywords: ferrites, crystal system, radiographic, pycnometric density, unit cell parameters


The complex oxide phase of the composition YbBiNaFe2O6,5 was synthesized by the high-temperature solid-phase reaction. X-ray diffraction analysis was used to study the structure for the first time; the type of syngony, unit cell parameters, X-ray diffraction and pycnometric densities were determined. X-ray diffraction was carried out by homology method from the initial fluorite structure δBi2O3. The method of least squares refined the parameters of the crystal lattice. The parameters of the orthorhombic lattice of complex mixed ferrite at the value of the number of formula units Z=4 are: a=5.2319, в=5.2186, с=7.5702 Å.  The correctness of the results of the X-ray diffraction of complex mixed ferrite was confirmed by the good agreement between the experimental and calculated values of the inverse squares of the interplanar distances (104/d2). Satisfactory consistency of the values of the X-ray and pycnometric densities, ρrad = 8.335, ρpik = 8.328 g/cm3, proves the correctness of the results of the experiment.  A comparative analysis of the interrelation between the parameters of the crystal lattice and the parameters of the crystal lattices of the initial oxide δBi2O3. The analysis shows the values of the parameters “a” and “c” are in satisfactory agreement with the parameters of the crystal lattice δBi2O3, the parameter “c” is distorted from the value of the parameter “a” on √2.


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Inorganic Chemistry