Wetting and adsorption modification in the system

  • Yuliya Bogdanova Moscow Lomonosov State University
  • Valentina Dolzhikova Moscow Lomonosov State University
  • Aleksey Yushkin Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, RAS, Moscow
Keywords: wetting, polymer membrane, dye, nanofiltration of organic solvents, PTMSP, PMP


Regularities of wetting and adsorption modification of surfaces of continual membranes made from highly permeable glassy polymers poly[1-(trimethylsilyl)-1-propyne] (PTMSP) and poly(4-methyl-2-pentyn) (PMP) with aqueous ethanol solutions and alcohol solutions containing organic dyes (Solvent Blue 35 and Remazol Brilliant Blue) were investigated. Isotherms of stress wetting of polymer membrane surface by etanol solutions were found out to have maximums in the range of concentrations corresponding to the beginning of liquid sorption into the membrane and polymer swelling. Thus, the principal possibility of optimization of nanofiltration experiments by liquid wetting angle measurements on continuous polymer membrane surfaces was shown. The presence of the dye was shown not to affect PMP wetting. But in the case of PTMSP, it leads to shear of the maximum of stress wetting isotherms to the range of higher concentrations. It was found out the effectiveness of the adsorption surface modification of continuous polymer membrane surfaces by ethanol solutions containing dyes does not dependent on chemical nature of the dye. At the same time, there are different trends in the energy characteristics of the membrane surface. 


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