Improving of the teaching methods of chemical subjects by using of teaching tests in high educational institutions

  • Gulzahira Turebekova South-Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy, Shymkent
Keywords: teaching methods, chemistry, testing, improvement, educational technology


Using the information technologies may cause great pedagogical effect: using of computer opens the opportunity for organization of problem teaching developing the creative thinking, forming research, practical skills of students, creation of the steady positive motivation of the students.
Technical facilities of the computer technology allow solving the teaching and research tasks in the chemistry come as original catalyst of creation of different types of information technology systems and projection on their basis the novel ways and methods of their application.
Use of computer technology in education helps to support necessary educational level of students and pay attention to their independent work.
The article represents that the computer testing can be widely used for control of knowledge and for teaching. Teaching testing arouses interest in subject and develops ability of self-preparation and self – education, provides in-door and out- door work.


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