Synthesis of superhydrophobic soot in the flame and its application

  • Meruert Nazhipkyzy al-Farabi National University
  • M. Auyelkhankyzy al-Farabi National University
  • B. Lesbayev al-Farabi National University
  • Zulkhair Mansurov al-Farabi National University
  • A. Amantayeva al-Farabi National University
  • A. Iskakova Institute of combustion problems, Almaty
  • Y. Aliyev al-Farabi National University
  • A. Zhaparova al-Farabi National University
Keywords: superhydrophobic soot, wetting angle, pyrolysis, carbon fabric, method of Obruchev, plaster, plasterboard


The hydrophobic properties of the fabric by means methods of mechanical and method of Obruchev with adding the synthesized superhydrophobic soot into soap solution were investigated. Thermal decomposition of hydrocarbons and their mixtures under dynamic conditions in a jetting setup was considered. The results showed that the fabric processing with method of  Obruchev with the addition of soap solution synthesized superhydrophobic soot was more exceptional properties than waterproof superhydrophobic soot, also keep in for a long time. In this case, the wetting angle was more than 1700, which indicating that the superhydrophobic properties of the synthesized surface. It was shown that the addition of a hydrophobic soot filler in the polymer an amount of 4wt.% of the starting material gives the hydrophobic properties of the coating surface. The measured wetting angle is higher than 1500.


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Nazhipkyzy, M., Auyelkhankyzy, M., Lesbayev, B., Mansurov, Z., Amantayeva, A., Iskakova, A., Aliyev, Y., & Zhaparova, A. (2013). Synthesis of superhydrophobic soot in the flame and its application. Chemical Bulletin of Kazakh National University, 69(1), 90-95.