Some key approaches that could improve learning chemistry in higher education

  • Nazgul Sanakovna Dalabayeva al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty
  • Jane Fieldsend University of Reading, Reading


This article considers some key approaches, which could improve learning in chemistry. Some important factors, which aid learning in higher education, are feedback, active learning techniques, developing critical thinking skills and avoiding plagiarism. Students often have to act on feedback and employ critical thinking skills in the laboratories, lectures and seminars in order to develop skills and progress in their discipline. The University of Reading has studied techniques to aid learning throughout the educational process. Roles of an educator and a student are emphasized. Active learning approaches have shown increase in student knowledge and understanding as well as enhanced critical thinking and communication skills. Active learning approaches include solving problems in pairs and small groups, self-study techniques including writing essays, revision and consolidation work, preparing and giving presentations, report writing and carrying out mini projects or investigations. Also, some measures of assessment used in higher education are given in the paper.

Author Biography

Jane Fieldsend, University of Reading, Reading
Institute of Education, Lecturer


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