Synthesis, structure and features of formation of biphasic hybrid polymer compositions based on bentonite

Keywords: hybrid composite materials (HCM), in-situ polymerization, matrix, intercalated complex (ICC), percolated complex (PCC), interpenetrating network (IPN)


The synthesis, structure and features of the formation of biphasic hybrid polymer compositions based on natural ionite (bentonite – BT), its intercalated complex (ICC) with a solid solution of copper ferrocyanide K4-хCux[Fe(CN)6] and a synthetic rare cross-linked acrylamide-acrylic acid copolymer were studied. The mechanism of formation of biphasic intercalated and percolated structures was analyzed by means of X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence analysis, IR-Fourier spectroscopy and stress-strain curves. It is shown that the impregnation of the mineral bentonite filler into the polymer matrix, including its intercalated complex {BT:K4-xCux[Fe(CN)6]} is accompanied by an increase of non-uniformity of the structure of the hybrid composite material. It has been established that the main factor characterizing the deformation stability of the composite is the adhesive strength at the interface between the mineral filler and the polymer matrix. Under uniaxial tension of the P[AA-AA]{BT} composition and the percolated complex P[AA-AA]{BT:K4-xCux[Fe(CN)6]} their internal structure is rearranged resulting in stretching of agglomerates of solid fillers along polymer chains, which is determined by the adhesion force between polymer chains and mineral particles at the phase boundary. It is proposed to consider such biphasic hybrid composite materials as a promising class of interpenetrating networks with valuable applied properties.


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