Magnetite-gaize composite stabilized with polyacrylic acid

Keywords: magnetite, gaize, magnetite-gaize composite, polyacrylic acid, methylene blue, adsorption


The surface-active substances stabilization are used to prevent aggregation of magnetite sorbents in the solvent, to protect against oxygen oxidation in the air as well as to combine several components with their specific properties in one material.

In this work, the Elmore method synthesized a composite of magnetite-gaize stabilized with polyelectrolyte - anionic polymer polyacrylic acid. The stabilized gaize-magnetite composite is considered by physical and chemical methods. When studying a stabilized magnetite-gaize composite using transmission electron microscopy, a change in the size of magnetite particles in the structure of a clay space with a molding form is observed. Stabilization with polyacrylic acid reduces the value of the ζ-potential of composites from -18.5 mV to -19.9 mV. The effect of medium pH on the potential work of the magnetite-gaizecomposite and stabilized composite was observed. Increasing of the pH value leads to decreasing of the ζ-potential of gaize-magnetite composite from 4.2 mV to -32.6 mV and from 11.9 mV to -35.5 mV in the cause of stabilized composite.  The effect of the stabilization of the composite on the adsorption was characterized using methylene blue was observed. Processing of adsorption by Langmuir and Freundlichmodels shows the effectiveness of stabilization. The maximum adsorption of methylene blue by Langmuir is 152.73 mg/g. The Freundlich constant 1/n shows that there is high compatibility between the adsorbat and the adsorbent.


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Kurmangazhy, G., Tazhibayeva, S., Musabekov, K., Sydykbayeva, S., & Zhakipbaev, B. (2020). Magnetite-gaize composite stabilized with polyacrylic acid. Chemical Bulletin of Kazakh National University, 98(3), 12-17.