Pickering emulsions stabilized by some inorganic materials

Keywords: Pickering emulsions, inorganic particles, nanoparticles, microparticles, direct emulsions, reverse emulsions


The paper presents studies of various solid stabilizers of emulsions based on inorganic materials. Inorganic colloidal particles have an advantage for obtaining of stable emulsions due to their safety for use in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry and medicine. Pickering emulsions have a higher biodegradability compared to classical emulsions stabilized with surfactants. An overview of inorganic substances such as silicon dioxide, clay materials, metal and metal oxide nanoparticles, calcium compounds and carbon particles used for stabilizing of Pickering emulsions is considered. A variety of solid inorganic particles as well as modification of their surfaces by surfactants allows to obtain the stable Pickering emulsions of different types for a wide range of applications. It should be noted that despite a large number of studies, this class of disperse systems is still not studied fully; various methods of their preparation and influence of solid particle size on stability and size of emulsions droplets are shown.


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