Preparation and publication of chemistry papers in international peer-reviewed journals

  • Vitaliy V. Khutoryanskiy Reading School of Pharmacy, University of Reading, Reading, United Kingdom; Institute of Pharmacy, Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russia
Keywords: paper, journal, impact factor, citation, chemistry


Some recommendations presented on the preparation of chemistry papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals, indexed in Scopus and Web of Science. Some advice given on the selection of a journal for publication. Impact factors and other types of classifications for different chemistry journals and publication business models by publishers briefly discussed. Some publishers specialising on publication of chemistry papers considered. Recommendations given on the preparation of each section in a manuscript, quality of illustrations as well as the documents necessary for submission of these to the journal. Some approaches used to revise the manuscript and to deal with reviewer comments also briefly discussed. This work is prepared based on the course “How to write a paper” delivered by the author at the University of Reading (United Kingdom) for a number of years for post-graduate students from physical natural sciences as well as the courses delivered in some institutions of China, Estonia, Kazakhstan and Russia.  The course is based on author’s own experience in publishing over 150 papers in different peer-reviewed journals, refereeing numerous manuscripts as well as his work as an editor for some journals.


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