Oxidative processing of propane into important petrochemical products on deposited vanadium catalysts

Keywords: catalytic oxidation, ethylene, hydrogen, activity of catalyst, vanadium catalyst


The paper presents the data on activity of the deposited catalyst based on vanadium. The developed catalyst allows conducting the process of oxidative conversion of propane into ethylene and hydrogen using CO2 as an oxidant. The study of the activity of the developed vanadium catalyst at the oxidative conversion of propane showed that the maximum ethylene yield was 24.5% at: C3H8:CO2=2:1, T=700°C and W=1000 h-1. The increase of temperature to 800°C resulted in the in formation of 27.5% hydrogen. By methods of BET and XRD the developed catalyst 5% V/Al2O3, is differed by increase of specific surface area and bonding of the carrier with active phase, contributing to increase of efficiency of the developed catalyst in the oxidative conversion of propane to ethylene and hydrogen.


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Kaumenova, G., Sarsenova, R., Kazhdenbek, B., Abdyhalykov, D., Zheksenbaeva, Z., Tungatarova, S., & Baizhumanova, T. (2019). Oxidative processing of propane into important petrochemical products on deposited vanadium catalysts. Chemical Bulletin of Kazakh National University, 92(1), 12-18. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.15328/cb1037