Study of reduction of chromium (VI) by calcium polysulfide using spectrophotometric method

  • Batukhan Tatykaev al-Farabi National University
  • Galina Abramova al-Farabi National University
Keywords: calcium polysulfide, hexavalent chromium, optical density, spectrophotometric method


The paper presents  the results of the study on reduction  of  Cr2O72-   to   Cr3 +  by aqueous solution of calcium polysulfide  using spectrophotometric method. Concentrations  of Cr (VI) were determined on the basis of the absorption spectrum at the wavelength range 350 - 372 nm. The change of the concentration of Cr (VI) during on reduction by calcium polysulfide has been shown.  The influence of pH on the rate of reducing of Cr (VI) to Cr (III) was considered: the rate of reducing of hexavalent chromium decreases with increasing pH. The data obtained show that recycling Cr (VI) in industrial scale potentially effective at  the pH = 5.


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Tatykaev, B., & Abramova, G. (2013). Study of reduction of chromium (VI) by calcium polysulfide using spectrophotometric method. Chemical Bulletin of Kazakh National University, 69(1), 64-69.