Variation of water and ion flows of Ulken Almaty and Kishi Almaty rivers during their annual cycles

Sof'ya Maksimovna Romanova, Gulsara Zhakashovna Akanova, Oksana Ivanovna Ponomarenko


The article presents data on water and ion flow of mineral solutes of Ulken Almaty and Kishi Almaty rivers, which are the rivers of the North slope of Ile Alatau mountains, in the annual cycle (2015). The obtained data were compared to the historic data. The total ion flow of Ulken Almaty river in the upper stream was 6285.7 tons, and downstream – 8419.4 tons, i.e., the river rises by 1.3 times. Ion flow of Kishi Almaty in the upper stream was 7044.6 tons, and the downstream – 23,931.5 tons (average) – 2393.1 tons, i.e., the river rises by 3.4 times. The downstream of rivers take away more carbonates of calcium and magnesium than the upper stream: Ulken Almaty - by 190.7 tons, Kishi Almaty – by 642.8 tons. The variability of the main flow of ions of Ulken Almaty and Kishi Almaty rivers is caused by anthropogenic receipt of additional substances as a result of their direct discharge from catchment basin, irrigation, atmospheric transport or diffusive pollution.


water flow; ion flow; water consumption; removal of carbonate salts; dissolved minerals


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